Tell Congress: End Anonymous Shell Companies

Anonymous Shell Companies – Abused by Terrorists, Human Traffickers, Drug Dealers, Kleptocrats

The recent disclosures in the "Panama Papers" highlight the serious problems associated with anonymous shell companies — they facilitate everything from organized crime, to corruption, to terror-finance, and tax evasion.

The secrecy provided by these "get-away cars for criminals" mean that law enforcement can't follow the money trail when investigating serious crimes.

Remarkably, the United States is the 2nd easiest country in the world (after Kenya) for a criminal or terrorist to open an anonymous shell company to launder their money with impunity.  

It's time that Congress put an end to this travesty.  

There is a bipartisan legislative solution that would bring secret shell companies into the light.  

Take action now to urge your Representative and Senators to support the Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act (H. R. 4450 / S. 2489).

This action is no longer active.

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